Because of our constant concern for innovation, our extensive experience in the design and use of new technologies, Implaser has created a department exclusively dedicated to Accessibility.

At Implaser we are manufacturers, which allows us to expand our range of products, creating them or improving existing ones. We continue to focus on quality, with our signs being the first to obtain the prestigious international DIGA certification (Indicative Sign of Accessibility Degree), which places us, once again, at the forefront of the sector.

Magnetic induction loops

System that transform a microphone’s sound signal into a clean and powerful audio for wireless listening with hearing aids.

We have several solutions to adapt both to the different needs of the customer, as well as your space-purposing (loops for desktops, countertops or rooms).

Bucle induccion magnetica

Podotactile routing

Simple, affordable solutions to introduce a podotactile guidance system on the floor without the need to carry out civil works, thus helping the visually impaired.

  • Boarding and disembarking of stairs and ramps.
  • Decision making points.
  • Presence of elements of interest, such as information points, elevators, etc.
  • Location of visual-tactile elements on vertical walls.

Directories and situation drawings, locator and accessibility maps

Contrast, embossed and braille layouts that serve to communicate with people with reduced vision the location and disposition of fixed elements of interest in a given area, give instructions for use and location, as well as guidance in case of a building evacuation.

EVAC + CHAIR evacuation chair

Folding chair for the evacuation of people, with temporary or permanent physical disability, in buildings whose evacuation route includes stairs, corridors or aisleways.

We have all kinds of accessible signage for your facilities and offices.

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Other accessibility products

With the advance of technology, new products and services have emerged that facilitate the development of innovative techniques. Achieving total accessibility to improve people’s lives must be a common goal to eliminate the frustration of those facing this challenge.

Baldosa podotáctil fotoluminiscente

Photoluminescent podotactile tile

Thanks to research projects and collaboration with innovative companies, Implaser has managed to bring podotactile and photoluminescent tile to the market, a fully ceramic tile to mark out platform edges at stations.
Among its many characteristics is its remarkable Class A luminescence according to UNE 23035/4: 2003 and its Class 2 anti-slip properties according to CTE.

Apoyos isquiáticos

Ischiatic supports

An ischiatic support is a piece of furniture designed to facilitate waiting times of people with mobility problems, allowing a semi-seated position and helping the user to get back up to a standing position.

Bucle magnético

Magnetic loop

Loops or Induction Loops allow those with hearing aids to capture sounds clearly through a magnetic field. These loops are prepared for universal use in terms of reception, regardless of their brand.

Directorio Braille

Braille Directories

These panels provide general information for all types of users and their high-contrast color design make them perfectly legible, especially for those with reduced vision. Also, having high-relief graphics and signs written in braille make them understandable for people with blindness.

Planos evacuación y señalización en altorrelieve y braille

Evacuation plans and embossed, braille signage

Photoluminescent signage with embossed braille for universal communication.
This type of printing can be made on any material, whether rigid or flexible such as PVC, Glaspack, Aluminiio, Aluminum Sandwich, Photoluminescent, etc.



Routing for the blind, designed for easy installation, consists of a high-strength plastic material with a heavy-duty adhesive and a non-slip surface.

Avisador de emergencia para sordos

Emergency warning for the deaf

It offers a wireless solution that is placed under the pillow to communicate a fire alarm to deaf individuals or those with hearing problems while they are asleep.

Cierre de puertas

Accessible door closure

Wireless solution that allows automatic closing of fire doors when the fire alarm is activated. It cuts resistance of heavy fire doors, allowing easier access.

Locator maps

These are contrast, high relief and braille layouts, which serve to communicate the location and disposition of the fixed elements of a specific enclosure to people with reduced visibility, for example, the placement of the different departments in a commercial area.

Building signage


Guarantee security in your building
See fire extinguisher signs

Path markers

Ejemplo Balizamientos

Define passage zones and mark out safe routes
See path marker signs

Risk prevention

Implaser · Señalización de riesgos

Increase workplace safety
See occupational risk prevention signs


Luminarias fotoluminiscentes

Always visible when you need them most
See emergency luminaires

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