Our commitment to people

CSR, or corporate social responsibility, is one of our bottom lines, something we put into practice. We are founding partners of Ararse (Aragonese Association for the Development of Corporate Social Responsibility), where we work to promote social responsibility in companies.

The projects in which we work have helped us win the 2013 Expansión-Ifema award for the best SME in the category of Social Responsibility. That same year we were also considered one of the six best SMEs in Spain. Two awards we are very proud of and which push us to continue with our projects.

Corporate Social

Memoria Responsabilidad Social


Implaser publishes its Social Responsibility Reports as a tool to improve transparency and communication with its stakeholders. And in 2008, we were one of the first 500 companies recognized by the Ministry of Economy.

In these reports, we voluntarily publish our commitments and annual results in economic, environmental and social matters, following the recommendations of the Global Reporting Initiative since 2011.

Current Report ( Spanish)

The environment

We play a part in reducing contamination

Our current environmental policy is based on responsible consumption, after having made a great improvement in 2004 with the elimination of the VOC (volatile organic compounds) production system.

We put on campaigns to raise awareness about energy consumption at a production level, as well as the daily use among our employees to try to obtain the best results in this regard.

Currently, through the ECCO INNOVATION project, we have been able to discover the environmental impact produced in the making of our signs: 317 Tm CO2 and with this data have established objectives and activities aimed at the reduction and compensation of this carbon footprint.

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Committed to ORP

For Implaser, occupational risk prevention (ORP) and being able to ensure the well-being of all its workers is still one of the basic pillars on which the company bases its success. At the end of 2003, IMPLASER ® formalized its adherence to the Government of Aragon’s “Zero Accidents” program, to promote the prevention of occupational risks in the company. So far, we have experienced magnificent results, with only one minor accident in the last 8 years.

Through the CONFLICTMAN project, in 2012 in collaboration with FEUZ, we created and implemented a protocol to eliminate workplace harassment in the company, generating detection mechanisms and channels of communication to deal with harassment issues.


We are aware that to achieve all our goals, all our personnel need to be involved in the effort. Therefore, we work to achieve a strong worker commitment and satisfaction for all our personnel.

Since the “GET INVOLVED: a year full of information” campaign, meetings are held with all the staff to involve them and inform them about different aspects of the company.

At Implaser, no previous experience is needed to come work for us. We provide the necessary training, both internal and external, to develop excellent professionals who are part of our team.


Implaser works on different activities and initiatives to contribute to the development of a more sustainable society for all. One of our greatest efforts is to bring awareness and share the importance of fire safety. So, in addition to conducting free training courses for our customers, we support various organizations through specific donations.

Our position in the sector’s associations, as well as in standardization and certification committees, in which we are registered, is to safeguard the reliability of a product, which must save lives during evacuations, putting the needs of the product before our needs as manufacturers.

We also have the TEAMING initiative in place, in which the company’s workers (who wish to do so), make monthly micro-donations, which are then matched in amount by the company. Thus, through a little individual effort we take action together.

Proyecto TeamingImplaser colabora con Unicef

Commitment to people and safety

People are the ones who make a company, and we are nothing without ours. Our human resources are our great asset. At Implaser, clearly, people and their safety come first:

  • For the IMPLASER team, we created “GET INVOLVED, a year full of information”, a campaign to involve and inform everyone about different aspects of the company.
  • In 2003, we joined the “Zero Accidents” program from the Government of Aragon, which promotes occupational risk prevention in companies and with which we have accumulated more than 400,000 accident-free hours.
  • Through the CONFLICTMAN project, we created and implemented a protocol to eliminate workplace harassment companies. This is a joint project with Feuz, Fundación Empresa Universidad de Zaragoza, in which we were finalists in the 2013 European Corporate Social Responsibility Awards for the prevention of workplace harassment.

Do you want to prevent and manage conflicts?

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Commitment to society and the environment

Other initiatives within our social responsibility policy are focused on improving society in general and the health of our planet, such as:

  • The Teaming project, where our workers make monthly micro donations to social projects, which we match euro for euro.
  • Free courses on fire safety for our customers, in collaboration with organizations that lead the fight in this important work.
  • Awareness campaigns on responsible energy consumption. In 2004, we eliminated volatile organic compounds from our production.
  • Through the ECCO Innovation project, we calculate our carbon footprint to find out the environmental impact of our manufacturing and to reduce and compensate for it.

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