An excellent management system

Our management standards have been part of our philosophy and business strategy since our inception, rolling out a quality management system from year one and certifying it two years later in its UNE EN ISO 9001: 2000 version.

In the same way, we worked on R+D+i in 2005 becoming the first SME in Spain to certify its system according to the UNE 166002 standard. Thanks to this work, in 2010 we were awarded the Pilot Award for Logistics excellence in the SME category, together with INDITEX and CALADERO (An award that companies like ATLAS COPCO, PIKOLIN, QUIRON, TRANSPORTES SESE, BSH, BALAY, etc. have won). All these points that have defined our management philosophy have led us to adapt to the EFQM model’s approach to achieve a synergy between all the processes and stakeholders of the company.

We apply this philosophy of excellence to everything we do, from our procedures to the products we offer you. That is why all our photoluminescent sign product lines are certified with the N brand from AENOR, to give you peace of mind and the highest level of confidence in our products.

To achieve these quality certificates, we are not satisfied with just complying with set standards. Instead, we strive to exceed the expectations set by the regulations. Proof of this is we have total control over the manufacture of our products: from the materials used for the control measures carried out, the sign’s manufacture dates and times, etc.

ISO 9001

The process of improving and updating our quality management system dates to the standard’s first versions. In 2000, the system was implemented under the UNE EN ISO 9002: 1994 standard through the Quality Manual and Procedures Manual. In 2001, it was decided to certify said system, adapting it to the 2000 version.

Currently, the system continues to improve and adapt to the new versions, currently from 2008.

Pte. Aenor y Pte. Gob Aragon

UNE 166002

In 2005, IMPLASER was the first SME to which AENOR certified its R+D+i management system under the UNE 166002 standard.

The clear commitment to innovation that was being carried out made it necessary for us to set solid guidelines and rules to avoid reinventing the wheel in each project.


The N product certification is the clear result of IMPLASER’s achieved objectives, as it has led the pack in differentiated quality.

AENOR Marca NThe N seal certification has made us consolidate all our control and manufacturing processes, and even exceed the expectations set by the regulations. We track each and every sign unit, that is, we have control and complete knowledge of all their properties.

calidad en señalética

Ministerio de Industria


Standard(s) for Safety:
UL 1994, Luminous Egress Path Marking Systems. CAN/ULC-S572, Photoluminescent and Self-Luminous Exit Signs and Path Marking Systems.

Additional Information:
See the UL Online Certifications Directory at www.ul.com/database for additional information


Due to the direction taken by IMPLASER in all its business activities and the great change of pure management by processes, the road towards excellence has already begun. In the first stage, we focused on improving our logistics management, after which we managed to win the PILOT prize for excellence in logistics in 2010.

IMPLASER, Inditex (ZARA) y Caladero (Mercadona)

Continuous improvement and awards

  • Our R+D department is another of our priorities in terms of quality. Thanks to this, in 2005 AENOR certified our system (SPANISH) according to the UNE 166002 standard, one of the highest standards of quality in research, development and innovation. This made us the first SME in Spain with a R+D+i certification, a milestone of which we are especially proud.
  • This commitment to continuous improvement has led us to adapt to the model from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM), a non-profit organization created to increase the efficiency and quality of European companies. This is the most widely used model and one of the most recognized in Europe.
  • All this, from the quality certificate ISO 9001 to the N brand from AENOR, has led to us receive several awards. One of the most important, the Pilot Award for Logistics Excellence in 2010 in the SEMs category, along with companies such as Inditex and Caladero. We also received the Award for the Best European Supplier Unicarriers. But above all, it helps us not settle for less and keep improving to offer you the best solutions for your company.

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