Research and Development

Investigation and development are much more than two words at Implaser: they are part of our DNA from the very start of our company. Our R+D+i department is one of the pillars of our success in the products we offer you and their high-quality standards. The AENOR certificate we obtained endorses this work, making us the first SME in Spain certified by AENOR in R+D+i, in 2005.

Every year we invest between 12 and 18% of our profits to improve our internal management and our products and create new ones that respond to your needs (4% is allocated in the USA, 3.3% is invested in Sweden (which is the No. 1 in Europe), in Germany 2.86% and in SPAIN 1.23%). Almost 40% of our current investment serves to improve internal management, and the remaining 60% to develop new products and improve current ones.

Project partnerships

This commitment to innovation has helped us to collaborate in a multitude of projects, such as the PROFIT program from the Ministry of Science and Technology. Currently we work in innovative projects both at the regional level with the Government of Aragon, and at a national and European level, exceeding 42.5 million euros since 2005.




The annual investment in research and development that we use to improve our products has helped us to have four different families of photoluminescent products with the AENOR certificate:

In addition, we develop complementary and hybrid products combining new technologies such as LED and LASER with photoluminescence, achieving products such as IMPLALED and IMPLANYD.

Impla LED
Impla NYD


Our R+D facilities and laboratories are proof of our commitment to research and development at Implaser. We have the necessary tools so that our excellent team controls every detail of the project and product development with 3 Engineers and someone with a PhD in Chemistry. In addition, we make full use of the facilities of external collaborators of the projects we work with, which opens up an infinite field of applications.

We have partnerships with more than 30 companies, 20 universities and technology centers. This creates crucial synergies where we also strengthen our suppliers, customers and employees, with a single objective: to continue innovating to be more efficient for you.


Thanks to our automatic quest for synergies with our sector, Implaser has established collaborative ties beyond research projects, of which we already have broad alliances with more than 30 companies, 20 universities and technology centers.

These collaborative synergies are reflected in the great relationships we have with suppliers, customers and potential customers. All of them, as well as our own staff who have a voice in all stages of development, are involved in our product, seeking solutions to potential problems or needs.



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